I have over 25 years experience performing and entertaining for all ages and for all event types... After an 8 year hiatus I am looking forward to getting out again to do what I really love... eating food that people offer me at their event. (and updating my site pix)

No, really... my first love has always been Magic and I am happy to share the love!

Joe Leskini


I was 7 years old when I was first introduced to Magic at a friends birthday party. The parents taxied off all of the kids to a small local theatre where they would see some sort of performance. We were all given little ticket stubs to give us the chance to win door prizes. This was a latter day "Chuckie Cheese". The performance began and the 'Magician' dazzled me with colourful props and the appearance of a live bunny at the end of his show. I was hooked. About this time, there were advertisements on the TV for 'Marshall Brodien's TV Magic Set'...I had to have it, and for Christmas that year I did! I opened up the box and sorted through the colourful props and cards and I was on my way. I spent all of my time practicing my magic and putting on little shows in my parent's basement. I took some old curtain rods and curtains and made a formal stage in front of an old couch. I charged 5 cents for my shows and eveyone knew me as 'The Great Leskini', a name that I chose over 25 years ago and a name that has stuck since then.

When I was growing up, I was lucky enough to have been a part of the greatest Magic ressurgence in North America with all of the TV specials by Doug Henning and David Copperfield. That interest in Magic has continued today with David Blaine, Lance Burton, The World's Greatest Magic Specials, the scoundrel 'Masked Magician' and Criss Angel.

All through grade and secondary school, I would perform Magic shows for my classes at Christmas time...this had become a ritual for me and my friends had come to expect it. After graduating secondary schooI, I left Magic for many years to pursue my career in Electronics Engineering and my new found hobby, music and the electric guitar. I played on the weekends in a touring rock band for 10 years before I stumbled across my first love again, Magic.

I was part of the Magic community again, I joined the IBM (International Brotherhood of Magicians) and the local chapter Hat & Rabbit Club. That allowed me to communicate my ideas and share my thoughts on Magic with my fellow Magicians in the Toronto area. I pursued performing restaurant walkaround magic and honed my children's magic show and a complementary adult magic show. I helped to form the BAM (Brampton Association of Magicians) and acted in the Vice President role. To support magic further, I also became a member of the CAM (Canadian Association of Magicians) and the rest is history!